As per customer specifications, we can produce springs in variety of shapes & materials. Our capabilities range from 0.10mm to 11mm diameter wire springs of following types: compression, extension, torsion, double torsion, conical, spiral, elliptical springs, flatform & wireforms. The company is fully equipped to achieve a variety of surface treatments & specialized heat treatment requirements.

Compression Springs

Round, square or rectangular wire from 0.1mm to 11mm in diameter. Spring diameter, sizes & shapes ae unlimited. Ends of springs can be made open, squared or ground as specified.

Conical Springs

Wire range of conical springs eg. double conical, barrel type etc.

Extension Springs

Any type of loop or special type ends with our automatic coiling and looping facilities eg. Machine loop, fullcross loops, side loops or double twisted full loops together with special extended Loops.

Torsion Springs

Round, Square, flat or shaped wire from 0.5 mm to 4mm in diameter with design limits governed only by your specifications.

Spiral Springs

Spiral Spring used in Auomotive Seat Recliner and Window regular Mechanism in Flat wire with thickness 2.00mm to 3.5mm and width 5.00mm to18.00mm an per your design specification.

Wire Form

Round wire or special wire from 0.15mm to 8mm in diameter with unlimited designs.