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Techno Springs India has provided customers with custom precision springs since 1978. We manufacture springs for variety of industries including automotive , electrical , agriculture machinery, railways and construction machinery.

It has a modern plant with a covered area of 80,000 sq. ft. with latest world class manufacturing & testing facilities. Our Quality System is approved to ISO/TS16949:2009. Every step of the manufacturing process is carefully monitored.Tolerances and specifications are inspected utilizing the most advance equipment available today.

With trained management and workforce who have gained extensive product knowledge through team experience, we seek to be your production partner for springs, wire forms and assemblies.

Techno Spring exports to customers in North America & Europe, as second tier supplier to all the major automotive OEM's.


Techno Springs India goal is to exceed your expectations in quality, service and reliability.


Techno Springs India is committed to the high standards established over the last 35 years and to continuously improve upon them by using state-of-the-art equipment and the very latest in quality techniques and procedures.

" Building on the Past
Shaping the future "

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  • Electricals & Switchgears

  • Railway Brake Systems

  • Agriculture Tractors & Machinery

  • Construction Machinery

Share of Business

  • Domestic Vs. Export

  • Automotive Vs. Non Automotive

  • Non Automotive

  • Automotive


Automotive 4W Automotive 2W Commercial Vehicle Railway Brake System Electrical & Switchgear Agriculture Tractors & Machine Construction Machinery
Door Checkers & Hinges 2W Switches Brake System DV Brakes Motors Transmission Transmission
Brake Actuation System 2W Brake Application Transmission Brake Cylinder Starters Breakes Breakes
Fuel Injection System 2W Body Parts Steering & Suspension BMBS Contractors & Relays Body Parts Body Parts
Steerin Suspension & System Carburetors     MCCB Rotavator Cabin
Seating Mechanism MPFI     AC Brakers    
Fuel Indication System       Limit Switches    
Door Trims            

Bending wires in
any shape


As per customer specifications, we can produce springs in variety of shapes & materials. Our capabilities range from 0.10mm to 11mm diameter wire springs of following types: compression, extension, torsion, double torsion, conical, spiral, elliptical springs, flatform & wireforms. The company is fully equipped to achieve a variety of surface treatments & specialized heat treatment requirements.

Compression Springs

  • Round, square or rectangular wire
  • 0.15 mm. to 9.00 mm in diameter.
  • Ends of springs can be made open, squared or ground as specified.
  • Produced on CNC Machine from Germany and Taiwan
  • In-line stress relieving conveyor furnace

Conical Springs

  • Wire Size 0.15 mm to 9.00 mm in diameter
  • Round, square, flat or shaped wire
  • All Type Conical Springs e.g. Single Conical, Double Conical, Barrel type etc.
  • Produced on CNC Spring Coiler from Germany & Taiwan.
  • In-line stress relieving conveyor furnace.

Extension Springs

  • Wire Size from 0.80 mm to 4.50 mm
  • Produced on Multi-Axis Spring Former From Germany, Taiwan and China.
  • In-line stress relieving conveyor furnace.
  • Any type of loop or spacial type ends i.e. Machine loop, full-cross loops, side loops

Torsion Springs

  • Wire Size 0.50 mm to 6.00 mm in diameter
  • Round, square, flat or shaped wire
  • Multi-AxisSpring Former from Germany, Taiwan and China.
  • In-line stress relieving conveyor furnace.

Spiral Springs

  • Spiral Spring for Automotive Seat Recliner and Window regulator Mechanism
  • Flat wire with thickness 2.00 mm to 3.5 mm and width 5.00 mm to 18.00 mm
  • Multi Axis Production Line from Korea
  • In-line stress relieving conveyor Furnace

Wire Form

  • Round wire 1.00 mm to 8 mm in diameter with unlimited designs.


Latest world class manufacturing facility from
Germany, Taiwan, Korea & China

Production Facilities

We have the latest machines for all spring making processes to achieve maximum accuracy, consistency, flexibility & productivity at high volumes. We have full range of CNC and Cam driven machines offering immense capacity. Our Automatic Grinding facilities are among the most advanced in the industry and employ point of grind air cooling to reduce heat generation and ensure consistent quality. We also have extensive range of online conveyerised heat treatment and short peening facilities. All manufacturing batch traceability as standard procedure.

CNC Spring Forming

Our CNC spring formers are 18 axis machines for torsion & tension springs and wireforms from wire dia 0.40 mm to 5.50 mm. End less variety of springs can be produced with automatic production, bulit in dimensional control through sensors and high speed operation.

CNC Spring Coiling

Our CNC spring coilers are multi axis machines for compression springs from wire dia 0.10 mm to 9.00 mm. End less variety of springs can be produced with automatic production, dimensional control with length gage & 3 way sorter, rotating cutter fro burr free cutting & high speed operation.

Spiral Spring Production Line

Our fully automated spiral springs production line is installed in technical collaboration with Korean Company “T&R”.This production line is Equipped with Camera monitoring & Call Back system to monitor the running machine and call back in case of any fault. All sensors are in place to have complete dimensional control.

Conveyerised Furnace

The Electric conveyer furnace with automatic PID temperature cotrol helps in achieving high quality tempering & stress relieving. It has built in fault detection system with alarm.

Spring End Grinding Facilities

The CNC Spring grinding machine for end grinding of springs has micro length controller for high accuracy & multiple plates for high production. End grinding can be done for springs with wire dia up to 12mm.


Quality System is approved to ISO/TS16949:2009

Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance procedures cover the entire development and manufacturing processes and use statistical tools to assure process stability and capability. We identify the common causes of variation in processes in order to keep them in satisfactory control.

Wire Testing Machine

Computerized tensile strength tester

Wire torsion Testing Machine

Metallurgical Microscope with Image Analysis and Measurement system

Spring Profile Testing

Vision Measurement Machine

Profile Projector

Spring Force & Torque

Force and Torque tester

Spiral Spring Torque & Endurance Tester

Surface Finish Durability Test

Salt Spray Testing Machine

Endurance Tester

Computerized Endurance Tester with 12 Station

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