Production Facilities

We have the latest machines for all spring making processes to achieve maximum accuracy, consistency, flexibility & productivity at high volumes. We have full range of CNC and Cam driven machines offering immense capacity. Our Automatic Grinding facilities are among the most advanced in the industry and employ point of grind air cooling to reduce heat generation and ensure consistent quality. We also have extensive range of online conveyerised heat treatment and short peening facilities. All manufacturing batch traceability as standard procedure.

CNC Spring Formers

Our CNC spring formers are 18 axis machines for torsion & tension springs and wireforms from wire dia 0.40 mm to 5.50 mm. End less variety of springs can be produced with automatic production, bulit in dimensional control through sensors and high speed operation.


CNC Spring Coiler

Our CNC spring coilers are multi axis machines for compression springs from wire dia 0.10 mm to 9.00 mm. End less variety of springs can be produced with automatic production, dimensional control with length gage & 3 way sorter, rotating cutter fro burr free cutting & high speed operation.


Spiral Spring Production Line

Our fully automated spiral springs production line is installed in technical collaboration with Korean Company “T&R”.This production line is Equipped with Camera monitoring & Call Back system to monitor the running machine and call back in case of any fault. All sensors are in place to have complete dimensional control.


Conveyerised Furnace

The Electric conveyer furnace with automatic PID temperature cotrol helps in achieving high quality tempering & stress relieving. It has built in fault detection system with alarm.


Spring End Grinding Facilities

The CNC Spring grinding machine for end grinding of springs has micro length controller for high accuracy & multiple plates for high production. End grinding can be done for springs with wire dia up to 12mm.